Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Haiku Friday

On a Thursday! Lucky you.

On Thailand........

Full Moon over sand

buckets of booze all abound

Douchebag Paradise


"An iced coffee, please"

But when it reaches my lips

Am I drinking cake?


Tuk-Tuk twenty baht

black exhaust smells quite noxious

I need a SARS mask


Sunburnt robes layered

Your bright curtain engulfs you

What lies underneath?


A sweet, sticky clump

of coconut and white rice

with mango, I drool

On American Politics.....

Since when is war Peace?

A surge of violence out East

Barack, earn your prize


Yo, Copenhagen!

This blue planet needs healing

Stop fucking around


GITMO still open

Black hoods and jumpsuits I wore

their Justice denied


  1. YOU are fabulous! I missssss you!

  2. Haha...these are all so true...pretty funny too!

  3. i think i should get some serious photo cred on this sight

  4. Beautifully constructed entry, Cassie. I share your grief with "American politics." One year later, we wage the "close GITMO" struggle again. Hope you are well.

  5. Beautiful haikus
    where the joy of expression
    blossoms yet again

  6. thanks for the poetry my friend :)

    miss you! when are you getting back here?!