Friday, August 14, 2009

Khob Khun

hey friends,

first of all, i am anti-blog. i'm not going to blame you for not reading this blog, even if you gave birth to me, so don't pretend like you have to care. but, because i know exactly what i hate about blogs... i've decided to be anti-those-other-blogs, and pro-MyBlog, because i'm going to make it awesome.

also.... its taken a bit of work for me to get to thailand. i've put in a lot of time writing fundraising letters, working overtime, and eating nothing but the leftovers my roommate brings home from Panera. 10 pounds and a few hundred dollars later... I find myself with a ticket to Chiang Mai and a lot of people to thank.

you are probably one of them. whether you contributed financially (thank you!) or with your own words of encouragement, love, reccommendation or motivation... thank you. you are so important to me, and you are the reason why i am here.

in order to show graititude towards all those who brought me here in some form, the only thing i have to give at this point is pictures and some updates on life in asia. one day, i'll pay you all back, somehow.... but until then... here are some words and photos.

i love you. please enjoy my blog. (ugh!)