Saturday, September 5, 2009

Arrival in Chiang Mai - It's so hot in the C!

Sawat dee Kaa from Chiang Mai - a quaint little town full of ex-pats and coffee shops. Nothing like the insanity of Bangkok, but with all the kookyness of Thailand.
Here's my first meal in Thailand - iced coffee and mango sticky rice. If anyone's heard me say anything about Thailand , they've heard me talk about mango sticky rice. On my last thrip to Thailand, it quickly became of my favorite things on the planet. Even though its more of a dessert, I couldn't help but eat it first thing in the morning. It's been too long.
I arrive at my placement tonight - a sustainable elephant camp in the mountains. Apparently theres a serious lack of internet and cell phone recpetion, but I'll try to have videos of elephant as soon I can. Until then, here's a video of a "famous" blind-band that plays at the Night Bazaar downtown Chiang Mai. There're actually really good. (Although this vid may not prove it).

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